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  • Interview with Laura Robertson
  • YEP Member Highlight: Featuring Christopher M. Hogan
  • Step Up Your Networking Game: Tools to get the most out of your next conference
  • Finding Value in Mistakes When the Value is Not Immediately Apparent: Adding Arrows to Your Quiver
  • Eyes on the Bayou: The Future of Offshore Regulation Begins in Louisiana
  • Constitutional Challenges to Corban Flounder: The Ohio High Court Decision Remains Intact One Year Later
  • Changing Political Winds Invite Citizen EnforcementSidley Austin LLP reports on the status of North American Energy Standards Board (“NAESB”) efforts to adopt a “Mexican Addendum” to the NAESB Base Contract

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The Energy Dispatch, the IEL’s Young Energy Professional newsletter, contains substantive articles on trending legal issues in the energy industry. The publication is managed by the YEP Newsletter Subcommittee, with the editorial responsibilities rotating to a different member each issue.

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  • Lucas Liben
  • Brett Podkanowicz
  • Erin Potter Sullenger
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