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The various programs listed individually below are recordings of live webinars, or of sessions presented at live conferences in front of an audience. All programs have been registered with the State Bar of Texas for participatory MCLE purposes, and Texas course numbers are shown for all programs. On successful completion of a recorded online program, you will be sent a uniform certificate of attendance. Please be aware that the IEL has registered these programs only with the State Bar of Texas, and participants seeking CLE credit in other states or countries must make their own enquiries with their own regulatory organization as to whether the uniform certificate of attendance provided on completion of the program will be recognized by that body.

Basics of Oil and Gas Production

The oil and gas exploration and production business is highly technologically complex. New attorneys beginning their careers as energy lawyers should benefit from learning how the industry works. In this webinar you will learn the benefits of oil and gas to the world, how and why oil and gas’s characteristics affect the way they are produced and marketed, how supply and demand make the market for these raw products, and the manner in which these resources are discovered and produced.

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Legal Strategies in the Canadian M&A Energy Sector

Although Canada is undergoing its most severe oil and gas downturn since 1998, it remains an important jurisdiction for oil and gas investment and will continue to import substantial amounts of capital and technical expertise from the United States in the coming years.

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Mediation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Join a panel of JAMS neutrals, who specialize in Oil & Gas disputes, for an update on mediation trends in the industry plus future prognostications.  Special attention will also be paid to legacy litigation, international mediation and the potential increased role mediation may play in workouts, refinancing and Chapter 11 matters.

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The Ohio Dormant Mineral Act and Recent Ohio Supreme Court Rulings

Listen to Timothy McKeen address the recent Ohio Dormant Mineral Act rulings by the Ohio Supreme Court. In its landmark ruling of Corban v. Chesapeake Exploration, L.L.C., the Ohio Supreme Court addressed the interplay between the 1989 version of the Dormant Mineral Act and the 2006 version of the Act.

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Update on Rejection of Gathering & Processing Agreements in Bankruptcy

This webinar focused on the background issues and recent Bankruptcy Court decisions involving a bankrupt producer’s ability to reject its gathering and processing agreements as ‘executory contracts’ under Section 365 of the Bankruptcy Code. The speakers provided insights on the legal and practical issues that arise in analyzing particular situations, the variations in relevant language of these types of agreements, the arguments on both sides of the question together with present and future positions of the respective parties to agreements of this type.

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What the Trump Administration and the 115th Congress Mean for the Energy Sector

The arrival of the Trump Administration and Republican control of the 115th Congress is fundamentally changing the outlook for energy companies in the United States. In the Congress, a bipartisan energy bill has been placed on the Senate calendar that would place deadlines on the regulators to approve pipelines and LNG export facilities while the House recently passed legislation to ease permitting authority for cross-border pipelines and power transmission and improve coordination of pipeline permitting between federal and state authorities.

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