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The various programs listed individually below are recordings of live webinars, or of sessions presented at live conferences in front of an audience. All programs have been registered with the State Bar of Texas for participatory MCLE purposes, and Texas course numbers are shown for all programs. On successful completion of a recorded online program, you will be sent a uniform certificate of attendance. Please be aware that the IEL has registered these programs only with the State Bar of Texas, and participants seeking CLE credit in other states or countries must make their own enquiries with their own regulatory organization as to whether the uniform certificate of attendance provided on completion of the program will be recognized by that body.

Academic Webinar Series: I Drink Your Milkshake; Wind Farm Wakes and the Law

Wind farms create wakes that impact downwind farms—both causing premature fatigue on downwind turbines and reducing electricity production.  As more windfarms are developed, how bad can the waking become and what legal remedies, if any, do existing wind farms have against construction of a new farm upwind?

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Basics of Oil and Gas Production

The oil and gas exploration and production business is highly technologically complex. New attorneys beginning their careers as energy lawyers should benefit from learning how the industry works. In this webinar you will learn the benefits of oil and gas to the world, how and why oil and gas’s characteristics affect the way they are produced and marketed, how supply and demand make the market for these raw products, and the manner in which these resources are discovered and produced.

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History’s Biggest Commodity Boom & the Third Age of Oil and Gas Law

Professor Coleman discusses his new article, The Third Age of Oil and Gas Law (available here:, which explains the economic logic and historical evolution of the oil and gas lease and its increasingly sophisticated successors. 

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Oil and Gas Litigation: Persuading Millennials (and Other Cohorts) in Light of Fake News & Alt Facts Webinar

What does it mean for you and the oil and gas factfinders you persuade that we all live in a Post-Fact world where “alt facts” and “fake news” pervade our daily lives? 

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Predevelopment Issues in the Renewable Space

1-hour overview of site selection issues, including obtaining adequate surface rights (from mineral owners) and other site selection criteria related to the development of renewable projects. Emphasis will be placed on land use and surface control issues in Texas and Louisiana.

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The Current Oil & Gas Landscape in Argentina: Considerations for 2019

This presentation focuses on the latest trends and developments in the Argentine oil & gas industry and what to consider in 2019 as you execute your business strategy in the region. 

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What Every Lawyer Should Know about Oil & Gas Law

In many jurisdictions, lawyers are likely to encounter oil and gas issues even if they do not consider themselves to be oil and gas lawyers.

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