Practice Committees

The Advisory Board and its committees meet for business and social activities each February in connection with the Annual Oil and Gas Law Conference.  Other committee activities occur throughout the year.  The current practice committees are:

Oil and Gas

The largest of the practice committees, Oil and Gas provides a community for those involved in the practice of oil and gas law. The committee’s priorities include:

  • developing and presenting appropriate events and programs for members with focus on providing practical advice and education regarding contemporary issues affecting the energy industry;
  • sponsoring and organizing two educational events plus one networking event (which may be combined with other IEL committees or energy related organizations);
  • seeking opportunities to co-sponsor events with other Practice Committees and other Bar groups with an oil and gas focus;
  • identifying webinar topics and dates;
  • expanding event locations to places outside of Houston, Texas;
  • identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to expand membership in IEL, the Oil and Gas Practice Committee and the Young Energy Professionals Practice Committee;
  • expanding the IEL and Oil and Gas Practice Committee presence both inside and outside of Houston, Texas;
  • considering expansion into the Midwestern States (Oklahoma and Ohio) as well as the Northeastern States (Pennsylvania and West Virginia);
  • expanding outreach efforts to various law schools (both in geographic regions with emerging oil and gas development and elsewhere);
  • appointing a liaison to the IEL Membership Committee;
  • encouraging contributions to Energy Law Advisor and other IEL publications;
  • appointing a liaison to the IEL Editorial Board.

Sharon O. Flanery
Chair, Oil and Gas Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law

Estuardo Sierra
Vice Chair, Oil and Gas Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law


The International practice committee focuses on lawyers working internationally and issues transcending national boundaries.

David Shelfer
Chair, International Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law
Timothy R. Brown
Vice Chair, International Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law
Peter Roberts
Vice Chair, International Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law

Alternative & Renewable Energy

The Alternative and Renewable Energy committee concentrates on law and policy affecting alternative and renewable energy.

James H. Barkley
Chair, Alternative & Renewable Energy Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law

Oilfield Services

The Oilfield Services Practice Committee is a one-of-a-kind community of attorneys working in-house and in private practice on matters relating to oilfield services companies, including traditional service providers, manufacturers, drilling contractors and similar companies. Our members enjoy strong networking opportunities and valuable legal education tailored to the needs of this unique group of practitioners. Additionally, through participation in the IEL and the Oilfield Services Committee, our members have the ability to create professional and personal relationships with counterpart attorneys at client (E&P) companies, as well as the outside law firms who represent them.


  • Create a sustainable and thriving organization that builds upon the goals of the founders of the group;
  • Provide a meaningful, tailored and dedicated forum for the oilfield services bar outside the normal E&P oriented legal offerings of other legal organizations;
  • Facilitate professional and personal interaction with E&P and other energy lawyers, more broadly, through the greater IEL.

Specific Goals

  • Develop unique and compelling programs and networking opportunities to the OFS;
  • Improve all processes relating to recruitment and maintaining of members;
  • Continue subcommittee-based infrastructure that allows for increased productivity, provides meaningful leadership opportunities within the group, attracts more participation by talented members, and reduces the reliance on “cult of personality” type leadership and discontinuity upon turnover of OFS Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs;
  • Encourage sustained participation in challenging year by jointly sponsoring networking and educational events with the Oil & Gas Committee that are targeted to the current market;
  • Identify a small number of key-player OFS companies as member targets and use individual outreach to encourage membership and participation in IEL and the OFS Committee.

If you would like additional information or to become more involved in helping steer our Committee, please contact any of our leadership. We look forward to having you join us.

Kevin Blodgett
Chair, Oilfield Services Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law
C.E. Rhodes
Vice Chair, Oilfield Services Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

The Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Committee’s priorities are as follows:

  • Completion of Mediator list project
  • Integration of our Committee and membership with the November Litigation Conference program content and program chairs
  • Outreach to and possible event co-sponsorship with other industry organizations including the OCS advisory board and PLANO
  • Explore Litigation/ADR blog and/or quick reference tool for members to discuss hot topics and other legal issues.

In addition, the committee expects to hold a committee meeting in November at the Annual Energy Litigation Conference and at some point this summer. We are exploring socials this summer with the YEP Committee and with the OCS Advisory Board. Finally, we are exploring webinar suggestions.

Charles J. (Tim) Engel III
Chair, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law
Matt Jones
Vice Chair, Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law

Young Energy Professionals

The Young Energy Professionals Committee (YEPs) has provided quality benefits to its membership for almost a decade. Over the next year, YEPs intend to expand their membership geographically and beyond the bounds of oil and gas to include professionals in renewable energy, power, environmental, oilfield services, and other practice areas under the energy umbrella. To achieve this goal, the YEPs will:

  • host a series a geographically diverse General Counsel Forums,
  • create a variety of networking opportunities with other YEPs, senior members of the Institute, and industry practitioners,
  • assemble thoughtful educational programs, and
  • engage in deliberate outreach to law students interested in pursuing careers in the energy industry.

Last year, we hosted our very first National YEP Conference that included programming targeted to the needs of our members with content of interest to energy professionals early in their careers. The YEPs are focused on providing opportunities for professional advancement, long-term relationship with industry practitioners, and creating a forum to engage in conversation about ongoing issues in the energy sector.

YEPs have quarterly leadership calls for those members wanting to participate. Make the commitment to get involved with YEPs this year!

Jennifer Mosley
Chair, Young Energy Professionals Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law
Diana S. Prulhiere
Vice Chair, Young Energy Professionals Practice Committee, Institute for Energy Law